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Cinema has the ability to interpret, clarify and intensify situations and then transmit them as something akin to dream. It holds an incredible ability to shape our emotions and our world views.  We seem to store our memories of media messages very close to memories of actual experiences. These things fascinate me.


The single-channel video works  shown here are observational and experimental works relating expressions of wonder and dismay at my single-point, limited perspective in time.


In some of the more sculptural works I am sketching relationships between myself and some apparatuses of Cinema. I am asking why and how the medium works so well on me. I am questioning some of the messages I’ve received through it. I am displaying some of the effect those messages have had on my sense of “place in the world”.


Also, I am just looking for pleasing and voluminous blends of physical things, imagery and light.  I am finding them where moving image is registered to push through canvas, at the edges of where a screen’s image and an association-laden object meet and mesmerize.



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