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DV NTSC, 5:15min, 2005

A Lesser Peace

DV NTSC, 2:55min, 2005


DV NTSC, 45sec, 2003

Timematte and Two

DV NTSC, 1:30min, 2003

Distanced Series#1: Travelogue

DV NTSC, 7:51min, 2001

Distance Series #2: MAM After Dark

DV NTSC, 13:30min, 2001

Floating Headstone

DV NTSC, 8:33min, 1996

Distanced Learning

16mm and DV NTSC, 1:35min, 1993

Self Portrait after Jude Verdict (silent)

DV NTSC, 5min, 2006 


Excerpt from Stuck In The Middle With You

DV NTSC, 6min35sec, 2015

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